Don't Rocket 'til you've tried it  LbNA # 33249

Placed DateJul 21 2007
LocationAthens, TX
Planted Byathens dicer    
Found By Team Swag
Last Found May 11 2014
Hike Distance?

Generations of “children” have fond memories of swimming or playing in the Athens Kiwanis Park, best known for its most conspicuous landmark, the towering rocket slide. This letterbox is a tribute to that slide; to its countless imagined trips into space, to the innumerable tiny astronauts returned safely to earth, to the comments and smiles exchanged by passers by in vehicles traveling down Prairieville, and to the Kiwanis, who make it all possible.

Directions to Box:

On the north side of the Henderson County Courthouse square in Athens turn south on Prairieville and drive O.4 miles to the entrance of Kiwanis Park. The entrance and parking lot divides the park into two sections, one with playground equipment and one without. Park vehicle and face north toward the section of the park without a playground and containing two pavilions with Kiwanis symbols on top. Walk the length of the lawn until you find a vine covered arbor with a center entrance. Enter and take a right. Walk 16 steps to the easternmost end of the arbor. Look for the chain link fence with the end pole near the center of the arbor’s slab. Letterbox is located at the base of this pole covered with leaves and debris. Please recover as found.