The Sewing Studio  LbNA # 33263

OwnerTeam Ginkgo    
Placed DateJul 21 2007
LocationMaitland, FL
Found By gymnastics girl
Last Found Jun 18 2009
Hike Distance?

This is the introductory box in the "Mom and Pop" contest we are challenging Central Florida with. To find the rules check out the CFLLB Yahoo! Group or email us.

The idea behind this challenge and this box is two fold--to give us somewhere to box on rainy days, and also to introduce people to some of the great locally owned businesses in the area. When you visit, see if there is anything you need to purchase to help support locally owned businesses.

When you find a box remove the contents and replace the container. It is probably best to stamp in in your car rather than try and take the containers out of the store.

The owners have given their blessing for this placing, but not all of the employees know about it. BE VERY DISCREET. The employees are VERY helpful and very nice and will want to help you find whatever you have come for--except they won't necessarily know about letterboxing.

You will find clear markings that read STORE USE ONLY and PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB and NOT FOR SALE. This is your clue that you have found what you are looking for--but again, remove the contents and replace the container and return the contents when you are done stamping.

On to the clue!

Find Central Florida's fine fabrics shop
A place to go if you want to make a top.

Free Ms. Packman is a fine distraction
But a letterbox is the main attraction

Pass through a portal into the back
Quilting fabric you will not lack

Find the fat quarters
They are stored in the corners

Search in high places
A spot with lots of faces

Made by Gingher, a silver tin
Despite the warning, look within

For the next part you'll need a guide
This one requires you look inside

So many choices to open and close
You should be looking at the back of the rows

This one is not in vogue--think of buttery toast
You should look in that one the most