Mo-Mo  LbNA # 33268 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 21 2007
LocationLake Jackson, TX
Found By lankin's purple monkeys
Last Found May 15 2010
Hike Distance?

Mo-Mo Letterbox

Mo-Mo means “peach” in Japanese and is the name of my dad’s cat. My dad and his wife live in Lake Jackson, and our family often comes to visit from Illinois. My daughter designed the stamp to honor the cat that she and her brothers torment on our family visits.

The box is located off of the east parking lot of The Brazosport Center for Arts and Sciences at 400 College Drive, Lake Jackson, TX 77566. Park in the east parking lot (to the right as you look at the Center from the road) near the planetarium. In the summer, you might want to bring along a stick to help knock down spider webs that might have been built across the trail. Bug spray is also recommended.

Clues: The beginning of the trail on which the box is hidden is marked by a sign reading “NCAP Nature Trail”. The trail opening is to the left of the sign. Go onto the trail, and down a slight hill. Curve left and notice a couple of rail road ties on the left.

You will pass two more rail road ties across from a Carolina Buckthorn. Then go by a Mustang Grape and keep following the trail pass an Arrowwood Viburnum on the right.

As you approach a 8 ft long bridge covering a low area, you will see a large tree on the right almost touching the corner of the bridge. The box is at the base of the back of the tree, away from the trail. It is covered with bark and branches.

Be sure to lock the box flaps tightly and cover the box very well. Being well hidden is essential since the hiding place is so close to the trail.

You can continue to take the trail another quarter mile or so until it ends at another part of the same parking lot.

Since we live out of the area, we’d love to hear the status of Mo-Mo.