GS LAW #1- Tsenoh & Riaf  LbNA # 33280

Placed DateJul 20 2007
LocationFranklin Township, NJ
Found By Yukon Blue
Last Found May 22 2014
Hike Distance?

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COLONIAL PARK is a large, beautiful park located in Somerset County with several entrances and parking lots, and a perfect place to plant a SERIES of letterboxes! There’s the canal, a nearby golf course, a huge leash-free dog area, playgrounds, and beautiful gardens. Take your time and enjoy this park!

Yes, I do bleed green, and am involved in Girl Scouting by choice! I came up with this series to meet the need of some easier-type boxes for my Troop & other Girl Scouts to find while hiking close to day I got carried away!

There will eventually be a total of 10 boxes planted throughout the park - pretty much, in 2 different sections - one on either side of Mettlars Lane. Currently, only the first 5 have been planted, but planting the rest is our mission for the Summer of 2007 - God willing! :-)

Of course, these boxes are for ANYONE to find, although the stamps are amateur and some spots are relatively easy to locate. That having been said, ENJOY THE HUNT! :-)

Oh - and WATCH OUT FOR POISON IVY! I always forget that, since amazingly, no one in my family seems to be allergic to it.

ALSO, it's a BUSY PARK - please ALWAYS take care to be discrete and re-hide well!

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This FIRST BOX is the trickiest of the series to find (and that's not too hard!) Just watch out for any small children (or wild large ones!)

Locate the parking lot ACROSS from the PADDLE BOATS.
Cross the street & find the grassy path along the pond.
Head NE, then stay on that path until it ends & you come to a clearing along the edge of the woods.

Locate 60 degrees & walk in that direction until you reach the woods. There should be a break in the trees in this location where you'll spot a deer path.

Enter the woods and walk on this path for a few steps. Just before the path turns to the left. locate 156 degrees. You should see a hill in the distance in this direction at about 14 paces.

Proceed UP this hill (the deer path becomes visible again), being to any children with you, and resisting the urge to see how long it takes to hit the ground if you jump (be Tsenoh - it COULD be fun - Don't bother - I can tell you it doesn't take long!)

See the gopher holes on either side of the path? Great place for a letterbox, right? WRONG! Great place for an animal to have a letterbox for dinner! Pass over these holes, until a large tree branch crosses your path.

Follow the tree branch to where it broke from the tree. At the base of this tree lies your treasure under a SPOS. PLEASE REHIDE WELL!

To get out, you can either continue on the deer path for a short distance (but I have to be Riaf and tell you you'll have to fight a bit of bracken & make your own entrance), or re-trace your steps. Actually, you can just head back down the hill & turn right & go through the woods for a few steps to get to the bike path quicker.