GS LAW #3- Etaredisnoc & Gnirac  LbNA # 33282

Placed DateJul 20 2007
LocationFrannklin Township, NJ
Found ByYukon Blue (Attempted)
Last UpdateMay 22 2014
Hike Distance?


For background information on this series, check out GS LAW #1- Tsenoh & Riaf

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Head to the playground, and park in the parking lot on either side of it.

This LETTERBOX is the MOST FUN (or frustrating - I guess it depends on your age!)

Feel free to play on any equipment you can fit on without breaking it - act like a kid, or at least a kid at HEART! Be Gnirac of other's feelings as you wait your tuen for the equipment!

Now, here's the FUN PART!
Count A) the number of DIAGONAL BARS (a diagonal bar ON a raling counts, but the railing itself doesn't count if it's diagonal....SPIRALS don't count either) on BOTH jungle gym sets in this playground.

(Be Etaredisnoc of small children as you push them out of the way! LOL)

Count B) the number of GREEN HORIZONTAL CLIMBING RUNGS (used as steps) on BOTH pieces of equipment. HINT: Make SURE you count them carefully - we had to re-count several times!

Now MULTIPLY A) by 2.
ADD B) to the total above to get "C".

FInd the "PITCHER's MOUND" in this area - without any equipment on it.
Standing on this MOUND, go "C" degrees until you hit a tree.
From this tree, look around you - where would be a good spot to hide a letterbox?
Now, proceed at ("C" minue 5) degrees. The treasure you seek will be "buried" at the base of the SECOND tree you come to in this direction.

HINT: It's easier to head in from the back. PLEASE USE THE NEARBY RESOURCES TO HIDE WELL!

Please let me know the condition of this box and Happy Hunring!