Suraci's Pond Letterbox  LbNA # 33316

Ownerfrog seekers    
Placed DateJul 27 2008
LocationRamsey, NJ
Found By Kkd
Last Found Sep 15 2013
Hike Distance?

This is an easy trail, only about a half a mile in length, but it is not accesible to strollers.

Begin at Main Street, Ramsey – heading west.

Cross the railroad tracks, go two blocks, road bends to the left.

Go one more block and turn right onto Woodland Ave.

Go up the hill and down the other side (about a mile).

At the bottom of the hill turn left into a small parking area near Suraci’s Pond.

Look to your left and walk over a wooden bridge. Follow the mulch path, bear right and walk between some boulders on the path.

Continue on the path and eventually climb over the fallen tree on the path and walk between some more boulders. Then bear left at the fork, past the manhole cover and start uphill.

You should pass one rock wall on your left, continue uphill and climb over the fallen log in the trail. From the log count 30 steps and you will see a sink hole on your right and another rock wall on your left. Walk towards the rock wall and look for two branches crossed like an "X". Near the "X" you will see two flat rocks of slate leaning on another large rock. Under the slate you will find what you seek.

Please hide box completely from view where you found it after stamping in and replace the branches in an "X" if you disturbed them. Thank you.

To return to the parking lot you will have to retrace your steps down the hill and to the right.