Caving Mole  LbNA # 33327

OwnerThe Nature Lady    
Placed DateJul 12 2007
LocationUniontown, PA
Found By Stinkbug Eli
Last Found Jun 9 2013
Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedFeb 23 2016

Located at Laurel Caverns Geological Park, in the lovely Laurel Highlands of SW PA.

This is a stop you must not miss, if visiting this area and a great adventure if you have Boy or Girl Scouts.

To mark this one of the best adventures thus far as a troop we left a letterbox in the Campground.

Since the cave is protected, and the grounds well kept, we decided the best place would be in the wilder section of the camping area.

Start at the tree, marked with a number 14. Ahead you will see two giant half-round stones marking an overgrown trail.
(I believe from what the climbing director said this is a rarely used overflow camp area.) You will find an old firepit in the middle of the path. Keep going, as you round a curve you will see the paved road through the trees to your right.When you start heading up a hill stop,
it's appoximately 7 paces to a large pile of rocks. The box
is tucked between 2 rocks and covered with debris.

You will need to bring your own ink.
Watch for the normal hazards of nature.
Let us know what you thought of Laurel Caverns.