Alms Eaglebox  LbNA # 3333

OwnerCaptain Sunshine    
Placed DateDec 14 2002
LocationCincinnati, OH
Found By pianodr
Last Found Aug 22 2010
Hike Distance?

Cincinnati, Ohio Hamilton County
Placed: Dec 14, 2002 by franzsolo...
Difficulty : easy
This is a microbox**
Please bring a pen, and stamp pad
Directions to Alms park:
>From downtown Cincinnati ( traveling East ) take Rt. 50 (Columbia Pkwy )
about 10 miles.
Turn Left onto Tusculum Ave. Go up the hill and you will come to the
park entrance on your right.
>From the East :Take Rt. 50 ( Wooster Pike )
Turn right onto Tusculum Ave.
Clues: After entering park, take the first drive to the right until you
see Stephen C. Foster statue ( 1826-1864 ) sitting to your left. Start
>From the statue-
Head out at 0º until you come to a dip in the curb of the
roadway.Standing on the curb take a hike in a westerly direction past
the large log
(lying at a N-S direction ) at your right side.
Go 38 paces from that log to a telephone pole on your right .
(a pace = 2 steps ; about 5 feet)
Now heading in the same direction go another 9 paces to a tree with a
stump on its side. Look around in that tree for a rock.
It should be under that little rock..