Winning Ticket  LbNA # 33332

Placed DateJul 23 2007
LocationGrove City/Columbus, OH
Planted By3BuckeyeKids    
Found By MaxineKnowsBest
Last Found Apr 16 2012
Hike Distance?

Easy .3 mile hike.

We bought tickets for the raffle at the 2007 Great Lakes event and one of the tickets was a winner. We won a letterbox that was ready for planting, except a stamp needed to be carved into the piece of blank pink stuff. I thought a long time about it and was not coming up with any ideas I liked. So, I decided to commemorate the win by calling this winning ticket.

Your winning ticket can be found in the Big Run Park located at 4201 Clime Rd. in Columbus. Follow the long road back to Derby Hill and park by the playground. Take the path, on the other side of the slide, heading into the woods. When you come to the area that has four paths (2 well traveled in the middle and 2 less traveled on the sides), take the left well traveled path. You will pass a bridge and cross over a fallen log. Just past the fallen log will be a pile of logs blocking the path. Find your way around and continue on until you reach the clearing. U-turn to the right and head back into the woods. You will come to MANY fallen trees piled up on the right and one big fallen tree on the left. Look in the direction the fallen tree is pointing and spot the stump. If you take seven paces from the end of that tree you will come to a root in the path and an easier way to the stump on the left. The letterbox is in the stump behind the large loose piece of the stump on the side closest to you.

Bring your logbook and your own ink. Please try to replace the tube vertically to lessen the chance of water getting in. Also, bug spray may be a good idea.

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