Hearts In Knots  LbNA # 33347 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 24 2007
LocationCarrboro, NC
Planted Byladybee    
Found By Trepid Explorer
Last Found Jan 18 2014
Hike Distance?

Past Carrboro Plaza on NC-54 is the Henry Anderson III Community Park, named for Carrboro alderman Hank Anderson. Turn into the park and follow the road around until you come to the tennis courts on the right. Park your car here.

Just past the tennis courts is a path leading into the woods, marked with a sign reading, "Not an Accessible Route - Disabled Must Be Accompanied." Follow this path into the trees--it is laid with pea-sized gravel. In the trees, the path curves around to the right. Follow it.

You will come to a T in the path marked by a "No Bike Riding Allowed" sign. Directly ahead is the lake. You can see a park bench a short ways down the path to the right. Take the path to the left.

Continue to follow the gravel path. You will pass another bench on your left, opposite a clearing marked with a "No Swimming/Prohibido Nadar" sign. Continue forward on the gravel path.

At the Y in the path, bear right. You will come to a bridge. Stop and look to the left. Do you see another bridge a short space away? go over the bridge you are on and take the small path immediately to the left toward the other bridge. Step over the fallen log. Five steps beyond is a tree on the right with a hollow in the base. In there beneath some large rocks is the letterbox.

Please rehide carefully and watch for walkers and joggers on these paths!

Stamp is hand-carved.