Mirror Lake  LbNA # 3335

OwnerCaptain Sunshine    
Placed DateDec 14 2002
LocationCincinnati, OH
Found By Golden Goose
Last Found Dec 1 2011
Hike Distance?

Cincinnati, Ohio Hamilton County
Eden Park
Placed: Dec 14 ,2002 by franzsolo...
Difficulty : easy
Driving Directions: Eden Park is located at Gilbert Ave. between
Elsinore & Morris roads.
If you are entering from Columbia Pkwy East turn right onto Kemper Rd.
Take first left into the park. Continue straight until you see the
historic Spring House gazebo (built in 1904 ) to your left. Parking at
Eden Park & Fulton Ave.
Clues: From the parking space area take the sidewalk to the left side of
the gazebo. There take the steps down to a path. Go to your left until
you find the " Hinkle Floral Trail "(Krohn Conservatory---> ) sign.
Continue on this trail past the stone sculpture.
To your right will be Mirror Lake. This lake covers the cities
reservoir. A gift in 1967 by Mrs. Eleanor Meacham.
A little further down the trail you will come to a stone wall on your
right. From there follow the wall S-W until you get to its first corner.
Now take a heading of 320º and walk to a yellow object.
Now head 340º to a double sign.
Now find a plaque with the dates :
>From there head 200º to a path.
Follow that trail to a ten foot long log lying at a N-W direction about
10, or 12 foot from the edge of the woods.
The letterbox is about in the middle of the log under a rock and