Moose on the Loose in Bicentennial Park  LbNA # 33368 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 15 2007
LocationEast Brunswick, NJ
Found By Kermit
Last Found May 8 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 23 2015

***Updated in Sept. 2011***

"A" my name is Ari, I come from Alaska, and -- after parking your car -- you should start your quest at the sign that bears my initial.

Once on the path, start your walk AWAY from the courts of green

At the split in the path, continue towards the stone wall

When you approach the 'T' in the path, moose -- or rather, bear -- right!

Enter the woods where the gravel greets you on the left

Pass up one opportunity to sit and follow the path to the left of the pond--you may notice the drain pipes that you'll cross over before the pond. (If the path is washed out because of the height of the pond, proceed with caution and go around the long way and pick up the clues from the next bench).

Remember my name? The second letter tells you which way to turn at the next bench

Follow the path along the pond for 62 paces

A- my name is Ari, it's spelled with three letters so look for the 3-trunk-tree on the left and I am hidden -- protected by nature's Lincoln Logs -- at the base of the tree!

Remember to sign in to my guest book. Use YOUR stamp to sign my guest book and use MY stamp to mark your conquest in YOUR book. Please be sure to seal my box back up tightly to protect me from the elements and so my next guest enjoys the quest. Updated 01/08.

NOTE: We updated the box after Hurricane Irene and found a lot of downed trees and branches along the path that hadn't been cleared yet. They are passable so just follow the directions. Also, you will walk through brush -- be VERY careful of potential poison ivy during summer searches). Also, you might bring a stamp pad with you.