Twin Lakes  LbNA # 3339

OwnerCaptain Sunshine    
Placed DateJan 13 2003
LocationCincinnati, OH
Found By Rooster Girl
Last Found Aug 23 2012
Hike Distance?

Cincinnati, Ohio Hamilton County
Eden Park
Placed: Jan . 13, 2003
Difficulty : easy (slippery leaves)
My stamp rating: home made
Bring a pen, & stamp pad ..this is a

Driving Directions: Eden Park is located at Gilbert Ave. between
Elsinore & Morris roads.
If you are entering from Columbia Pkwy East turn right onto Kemper Rd.
Take first left into the park. Continue straight until you see the
historic Spring House gazebo (built in 1904 ) to your left. Parking at
Eden Park & Fulton Ave.

Find the structure that looks like the "Washington Monument" .
>From there take a walk heading in a Northerly direction.
Go past the "Blue Flames"
In the winter months you can see the "Twin Lakes" from here.
Take the first black top path you come to .
>From the South (Post) on the East side of the wooden double railing.
( B/4 you come to the stone steps )
Look to the direction of 115º about 2 paces of the black top walk you
will see a tree stump.The Twin Lakes letterbox is under a little piece
of concrete