Greek Mythology Series  LbNA # 33393

Placed DateJul 25 2007
LocationWayne, NJ
Found By the cross-tie walker
Last Found Jan 28 2012
Hike Distance?

Greek Mythology series (3)
Laurelwood Arboretum
725 Pines Lake Drive West
Wayne, Passaic County, New Jersey
Placed by Candlewick and Folksvogen on 07/25/2007
boxes updated and rehidden on 08/31/2009

Clues: easy
Terrain: easy
Time: 30-45 minutes

Take Route 287 exit 53 to Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike. Make a left onto Terhune Drive, a right onto Colfax Road, a left onto Vale Road, then a right onto Pines Lake Drive West. Turn into the parking lot by the green sign.

Laurelwood Arboretum is a public arboretum with national horticultural significance. Many flowers, shrubs, and trees are rare and very fragile.
Please help us preserve the arboretum’s serene atmosphere and maintain its unique and beautiful collections by following the guidelines below:
» We welcome children to the garden, but ask that parents closely supervise them at all times. These precautions will ensure their safety and the preservation of the arboretum. Adults must accompany children under the age of fourteen.
» Do not climb on the rocks or walk in garden beds.
» Pets are permitted. They must be leashed and their waste carried out of the Arboretum.
» Food or beverages are not permitted - except bottled water and baby bottles.
» Picnicking is not permitted in the Arboretum.
» Collecting or picking any plants, fruits, seeds, or moving plant labels is strictly prohibited.
» Smoking is not allowed in the Arboretum or any buildings.
» Active sports or games including ball playing, Frisbee, swimming, skating or fishing is not allowed.
» ATVs and snowmobiles are strictly prohibited.

Start along the trail to your left. After the trail ascends twice, take the upper left fork. You will shortly come to a woodchip trail on your right; follow the trail across the small bridge. Turn left after the bridge and then go 27 paces up the trail that starts on the right to see a fallen log on your left. Behind the fallen log in a split tree stump you will find the king of the gods. Please be careful of plants in bloom when you go to retrieve the box. Please rehide box in its original location after stamping in.

Continue up the trail the way you didn't come. Turn left at the first fork and right at the second. You'll eventually come to a small waterfall surrounded by rocks on the left of the trail. (It may not be much of a waterfall if it hasn't rained recently.) Standing at the left bottom corner rock at the edge of the path, take 4 paces at 230 degrees. At the tip of your toes is the god of the sea. Please rehide box in its original location after stamping in.

Box temporarily removed & awaiting replacement in new location.