Downtown Brown  LbNA # 33394 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 25 2007
CountySan Luis Obispo
Locationsan Luis Obispo, CA
Planted Bythe super sisters    
Found By holycowpie
Last Found Jul 25 2007
Hike Distance?

clues:missing will replace soon

start at Grace church
cross the street to Mitchel Park
go to the gazebo
go up the stairs and down the handicap exit
say hello to the happy flower carved in the sidewalk
walk through the evergreen trees 'till you reach Buchon
you will see a fence-follow it 'till you see an entrance where the fence ends
enter it and you will see a horseshoe field on your left and a community center on your right
go straight towards the bbq pit there is a fence behind it follow the fence to the right
once you get on the other side of the fence there are two bushes and inbetween those is the blueletterbox it's wedged in the fence
Please put it exactly where you found it and in the same position as you found it.

ps: there are three super sisters and i think that each one of us is going to make our own profile too mine is holycowpie and i placed a box it is called the boddle cap box drop me a line or us my frends will be making there own boxes and profiles soon and i will add my frends new profiles for there own boxes soon too. so keep cheaking on this for more new profiles for new letter boxers and boxes.!!!:-)