Baseball Rules!  LbNA # 33430 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 26 2007
LocationAlpharetta/Johns Creek, GA
Planted Byfish4u    
Found By Amyrica
Last Found Feb 24 2008
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Last EditedSep 30 2015

Baseball Rules!

Baseball Rules is located at Ocee Park on Buice Road in Johns Creek, Ga.
Park in the lot near the playground.
1. Start your walk on the path that goes by where another popular sport using a ball is played.
2. When this path has its first turn off: go right if the Atlanta Braves started out as the Boston Red Sox. Go straight if they had another name.
3. Take a rest and a drink at the pavilion.
4. Go back to the path and make a left when you reach the path that is a darker color.
5. When the path turns and you see 2 trees on your left, go between the trees and up the 1st dirt path.
6. If the Braves won the World Series in 1996 turn left at the top, if the won in 1995, turn right.
7. Enjoy the shade. When the path splits, go straight.
8. Keep following the main path...
9. Stop when you see concrete ahead.
10. If the Braves moved to Atlanta in 1996 make a left, if it was before then go straight.
11. Go forward until you think you will fall.
12. In 2006 did Brian Mccann achieve the goal of 100 RBI's before his 23rd birthday? If no, take a step right. If yes, step left.
13. Look over, under, all around. A box with a red top will be found!

Please return the box to its place.
Thanks and enjoy the park!