Of Pines and Prayers  LbNA # 33472

Placed DateJul 27 2007
LocationFrankston, TX
Planted ByFrankston Native    
Found By ladybug34
Last Found Jun 24 2010
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Brushy Creek, from around 1850 until the 1930s, was home to the Anderson County Campground, a site used primarily by the Methodists, but other faiths also for revivals and other religious meetings. A rudimentary brush arbor built in 1870 still stands here and is well worth the trip to see its hand hewn beams and other pioneer construction techniques still functioning to purpose in a beautiful sylvan setting. Take the time to look the tabernacle over, read the historical marker, and see the old Brushy Creek Methodist Church building while on site, and remember to watch for deer while traveling roads leading to the location.

The Brushy Creek Community is located on FM837, 9.5 miles southwest of Frankston. You can get there also by traveling south on 315 from Poynor, and from Athens by taking 19 west to Bradford and then left on 837. From Palestine follow 315 south.

From the crossroads of FM837 and FM315 in Brushy Creek head west on 837. Arbor will be seen almost immediately on the left. Park in front and follow the walking path
along the left side of the arbor with handrails leading downhill toward the spring surrounded by an ornamental iron fence. Standing at the corner of the iron fence closet to the arbor, with back to arbor and facing the same direction of the path leading uphill toward the Methodist church, walk 14 steps and stop. There is a large pine on a knoll to the right. To the right of this tree, six steps down into a gully, stands another pine of similar size. To the right of the second pine five steps upward on another knoll stands yet a third pine of similar size. Behind the third tree you will find the box covered in debris. Please re-hide well in the same spot.