Dragon's Treasure  LbNA # 33479 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 27 2007
LocationOrlando, FL
Planted ByScreeching Dragons    
Found By Thinking Mom
Last Found Sep 13 2007
Hike Distance?

This box has gone missing. Perhaps the dragon carried it off.

Directions to Blanchard Park: Take Colonial Drive (SR 50) to Dean Rd and head North. Blanchard Park is one mile up on the East side of the road. After you enter the park, park in the first lot on your left. Blanchard Park runs along the Little Econ River. Part of the 7.9 mile Little Econ Greenway Trail runs through the park, so it is a great place for jogging, walking, or biking.

Our son has been fascinated with dragons since he was three. He has many dragon books. While looking through his “Dragonology” book, I discovered some wonderful riddles. Dragons love to be puzzled by a good riddle, so each of these boxes will contain a riddle with the clue. The answer can be found inside the box.

Dragon’s Treasure Riddle
Only one color, but not one size,
Stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies,
Present in sun, but not in rain,
Doing no harm, and feeling no pain.

After parking your car in the lot near the Dean Road bridge, walk east along the path beside the river. The river should be on your left, and on your right you should see a brown wood fence next to the road.
When this fence ends, continue along the path to a set of picnic tables beside the river. Look for the Oak tree among these tables and closest to the path.
Stand on the east side of the oak and count 30 steps forward.
You should now be near a lone pine tree. Look towards the river and you will see an oak that looks like a dragon's claw reaching up out of the earth. The treasure is in the dragon's clutch.
Please be sure to nestle it back and cover it with the moss and twigs when you are done.