Mt. Will  LbNA # 33486

OwnerThe Snoopster    
Placed DateJul 24 2007
LocationBethel, ME
Found By Nairon
Last Found Oct 10 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 10 2015


This box has been updated and confirmed as of 9/11/10. Please be mindful of re-sealing all contents and the box itself. Unfortunately the box was left exposed and the inkpad leaked...everywhere!

This is a 3¼-mile, hiking and nature trail, close to town – short, but steep. Approximately 2-3 hour hike.

The overall loop is 3¼ miles and typically requires about 2½ hours walking time. A shorter hike to the South Cliff only, would require about 1½ hours walking time.

The elevation gain is 750 feet mostly occurring up the South Cliff. The trail ascends to open ledges with views of the Androscoggin River Valley and the village of Bethel. There are good views to the north, south and east (& look for blueberries)!

The starting point is a parking area directly opposite the Bethel Recycling & Transfer Station. Taking Route 2 east from Bethel village, it is 1.9 miles past the Riverside State Rest Area. The trail begins at a chained-off logging entrance on the northwest side of Route 2.


While standing on the South cliffs, enjoying the view, you will notice a lone pine tree at the edge of the cliff.

Go towards the tree, when within approx. 10 feet, turn around and look directly across the trail into the woods.

You will see a tiny pine tree. Beyond that there will be two fallen pine trees to your right and a large flat rock straight ahead.

Stop just before the rock and look right. At the base of the pine tree, you will find the box.

Observe signs posted by private landowners.
Carry in – carry out.
Foot travel only.


This “carry in – carry out” foot trail, developed by the Bethel Conservation Commission, to increase public awareness of the natural resources and beauty of the Androscoggin River Valley. A number of descriptive signs on the North Ledges Section provide a guide for understanding the natural history of the area.

They have cleared the trail of major obstructions, but uneven terrain and some steep places requiring adequate footgear and good physical condition.

The trail is well marked with blue & green blazes. Except for the South Cliff Section, the trail is on private land. Continued landowner permission depends on no abuse.

The South Cliff Section is ¾ of a mile long and climbs 630 vertical feet to relatively open ledges. There are good views of the valley and surrounding mountains north and east from an elevation of 1350 feet – about 700 feet above river level. The trail goes through the Bethel Town Forest and allows observation of a forest regenerating itself after managed timber harvesting. A typical ascent time is about 45 minutes. A typical descent is about 30 minutes.

The North Ledges to South Cliffs Section is 1½ mile long and winds around to reach a series of higher ledges overlooking the Androscoggin and Bear River valleys north and east. The trail then goes through forested terrain with both ascents and descents to a maximum elevation of 1700 feet. After a descent to 1450 feet, the trail emerges at the South Cliffs with fully open views south and east, including Bethel village. Typical walking time is about 1 hour.

The South Cliffs to Trailhead Section is one mile long, descending 730 vertical feet to the Route 2 starting point. This section goes directly to the South Cliffs from the trailhead, ascent time is about 1 hour and descent time is about 40 minutes.