Texas Saltwater Series #1  LbNA # 33506 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 28 2007
LocationBaytown, TX
Found By baileys bunch
Last Found Aug 3 2007
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Texas Saltwater Series #1

Placed by : Tejas Angel of the 4Anglers

Other than letterboxing, our family(the 4Anglers) enjoys fishing together, mostly Saltwater. To be honest we fish more together than LB together. So, I came up with this Series that involves both our hobbies. (Actually we have tons of hobbies, more series ideas I guess) Anyway, this is how this series will work - I will give you directions and clues to the LBs and a hint on what fish is in the LB you will be looking for. I won't give you name of the fish, that will be a surprise. Of course you might figure this out before you find the LB. Good Luck!

Hint - Average size of this fish is 2-4 pounds. World record is 20 pounds, 9 ounces. This fish like other fish, begin life with normally arranged eyes, one on either side of the head. When the larvae are still less than one inch long a metamorphosis occurs as one eye migrates to the other side. Although these might be strange looking fish, this type of fish is one of the best tasting fish in the Gulf. By the way there is a small Island near here name after this fish.

Direction: From Houston take Highway 225 East. Merge on to N 146 Hwy, going over the Fred Hartman bridge. Take the TX-146 -BR North exit towards the Baytown Water Front District. Stay straight to go on to the TX-146 BR N. Bayland Park aka the Water Front District will be the first light on your right. Enter, then turn left into the Trail/Boat ramp area, park here.

Clues: With your back to Hwy 146, there is oil well Derek with a small plague under it to your right. Go there, to the right of that is a bike/walkway, start down this path. A little way up the path is a Y in the path, stop here. The path to your left is a little smaller, start counting the line segments in the concrete, till you reach the 14th one. Here to your right is two twin pines off of the pathway. The LB is behind this trees at their base covered with pine needles. Reseal and re hide well.

Happy Hunting!

* If you decide to continue down the pathway it we lead to a nice gazebo. Also look to see if you can spot the bat box.