Ole' Scratch  LbNA # 33520

Placed DateJul 29 2007
Location???, ME
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

The Devil is an infamous fiddler, as has been recounted in numerous songs (The Devil Went Down to Georgia, The Devil in the Kitchen, etc.) He has been spotted playing recently in Maine. To track him down, the noble hunter must put him or herself just beyond the reach of this crafty fiddler (to remain safe.)

Park in front of the gate, off the road (past where you think it is ok to go.) Walk down, past horse pastures. Where the trail splits, take the left over soft mosses towards the water. The trail takes a right into the trees. Take time to explore this small wooded area. When you arrive at the bench, have a seat and enjoy the views of the water, and of the boats coming in and out of the sea. Do you feel someone or something looking over your shoulder? Quick, behind you – something ducked behind the closest tree.

Beware: you may continue to some sunning rocks on the water (by a dead tree stump) and be mostly safe. There are other paths mown through the fields here that are lined with poison ivy. This makes the mown strip of path feel a bit narrow. One path leads to another spot on the water but on my visit had a row of very small poison ivy plants growing right down the middle of it.

If you are not careful here, you may find yourself itchy as hell, scratching like the Devil.