Where's The Kaboom  LbNA # 33528

Placed DateJul 25 2007
CountyNova Scotia, CAN
LocationLower Sackville, NVA
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From the Bincentennial Highway (East or West) take exit 4B to Lr. Sackville. Then take exit 1K. You want to keep going toward Lr. Sackville. At the light, turn left onto the Old Sackville Road. You’ll pass a cemetary on your right then cross a bridge over the highway. Just after the bridge, there is a small, gravel pull-off area to the right of the road where a few cars can park.

Enter the trail across the street from where you parked. Walk along the wooden fence with the trailer park behind it. Cross a wooden bridge over wooded area. Cross another wooden bridge over the Sackville River. This river used to be home to salmon until local construction damaged the river bed. Once over the bridge, stop and read about the McQuaid Pool.

You are now walking parallel to highway 101 (on your left). You’ll see the highway signs for the Airport and Dartmouth. Cross another, smaller wooden bridge just after a chain-link fence. Cross another bridge, this one with rusted steel railings. Heed the Defense Department’s warnings on this section of the trail. The river view is beautiful from this bridge.

You will soon (on your right) pass a gate in the fence that has a stop sign on it. Shortly after the gate, look to your left for a large, whitish boulder. It is flat and perfect for sitting and stamping. Look behind this rock and under 3 smaller grey rocks for the box. This trail can get quite busy so please be discreet and hide it well when you are finished. Many other boxes hidden in the area have gone missing ( I expect because non LBers have watched curiously as LBers stamped in) and I’d hate for this box to meet the same demise. Please log in or drop me an e-mail if you find it. I’d love to know when it is first found!