Midstate  LbNA # 33529

Placed DateJul 28 2007
CountyNova Scotia, CAN
LocationHalifax, NVA
Found By Lightbearer
Last Found Jun 16 2010
Hike Distance?

This box is hidden in Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The park is in the south end of the city. Use a map to locate it or ask a helpful Haligonian. The walk is very short. It was the hottest day recorded in Halifax in almost 40 years so I didnít feel much like hiking.

There is a sign that says dogs are not allowed after 10am but we saw many dogs and it was well after 10am. You can take your chances.

Park in the parking lot (or get to it if youíre walking in). Enter the park between the canteen and Black Rock Beach. Start heading toward the beach on the wide gravel path. Walk along the gravel path passing the beach on your left and a picnic area on the right.

Take the first path to the right. Itís named Prince of Wales Road.

Now start to notice the devastation to the park by Hurricane Juan in September 2003. You used to not be able to see the sky for the trees, now there is no shelter from the sun. The paths through the woods used to be very private, now you can see one path from another path. If you take the time to walk through the park, you will come to towers and old forts. These used to be places for grown-ups to reflect and for children to play in realtively quiet solitude. Now, you can see (and hear) the rest of the park from every tower. This was the first time I had been back to the park since the storm. I was stunned. I played here as child and took field trips here in school. I could never have imagined how much damage was done. As my father says though, all things heal in time. The new maples have grown up quite a bit in the 4 years since the hurricane. People are back using the trails and the park. Birds and animals have found new homes within the park. I hope you enjoy it as much as I used to.

Soon on the left, you see a smaller path next to a twin sister birch tree. Step over the 3 fallen logs. About half-way between the gravel path you were on and the gravel path you can see ahead of you, stop at a broken tree about 25 feet high and on your left.

At the base of the tree is a log. Look under the back-side of the log behind some bark and sticks.

This is a busy location. Please be sneaky when finding the box and please replace and cover it very well.

Please log your find at ww.atlasquest.com or www.letterboxing.org. There donít seem to be many letterboxers in Nova Scotia so Iíd love to know if it becomes more active.