Locomotion, One Way or Another  LbNA # 33562

Placed DateJul 29 2007
LocationBuxton, OR
Found By Gardenfly
Last Found Apr 5 2014
Hike Distance?

Fees: $3 day-use parking fee
Hike/ride distance: A bit less than 5 miles
Difficulty rating: Parts of this trail will likely get you puffing.
Compass required, odometer helpful
“behind” = the side furthest away from the trail

NOTE 08/11/2013: Someone told me "trail is now closed due to mudslides, still passable on foot." I believe they mean the trail to #3. I was able to find #1 and #2 in October 2013 without going on any nasty trails.

NOTES 08/02/2010: Box #3 was missing but has been found by the Looney Birds and put back in hiding - so all four boxes are available once again. Thanks to the Six Looney Birds for their persistence!

NOTES 12/27/2013: Wavesandwaterfalls and Stinkerbell tried to find #3 and #4 and couldn't, but I still don't know if #3 and #4 are actually in place. If anyone finds either of them, please let me know. I seriously doubt that I will ever be able to get back to look for them myself. They DID find #1 and #2, but from what they told me they were looking to the right of the paved trail for #3; it is not to the right of the paved trail and never was. Stinkerbell looked for it after turning left off of the paved trail where the clues say to go off-pavement and couldn't find it when she was there in October. I wouldn't be surprised if #3 and/or #4 are missing, but you never know!

These boxes are located at Oregon’s newest state park as of July 2007. This park has overnight camping, little cabins you can rent, is very horse-friendly, and has lots of trails of all sorts (gravel, paved, and dirt wide and narrow); in fact, there are so many trails, a person could “stub” their toe if they weren’t careful. You can bicycle, ride a horse, or walk the route I took today. Whatever form of locomotion you prefer, I hope you enjoy this 5-mile loop, although a word of caution: you begin at the top and descend approximately 500 feet over the first 3 miles or so, and then you have to go back up again. I did this on my bicycle but had to walk it much of the way back after box #3.

Pick up a map at the welcome center on the way in, and start at the day-use center on the “hilltop”. Being a new park, they have very good signage, but signs have a way of being vandalized, and I wouldn’t do this hike without a map from the park welcome center.

Box #1: Head generally north out of the parking lot onto the Boomscooter trail. Watch for Boomscooter Pond on the left, I’ve heard there are sometimes beavers there. Go right at the intersection of Boomscooter and B-V state trail, cross the bridge, and find a good-sized cedar tree back a ways from the trail. Between this cedar and the trail you should see 3 firs of similar size standing in a row. Box #1 is behind the cedar at its base. You are now at 1.2 miles.

Box #2: Go back the way you came, over the bridge, and stay on the pavement until I say to get off. Wheeeeeee! this part is fun! Pass the junctions for Catface and Bark Spud. Be careful of the 4-wheel locomotors. You need to get off the pavement to understand Holli’s point of view. As you meander along wondering how long it will take you to understand Holli’s point of view, stop dead-center of the trail when there is a very large stump/snag on your left at 70 degrees. At 140 degrees you should see 2 fir trees standing fairly close together. MANY PEOPLE HAVE APPARENTLY MISTAKEN THE LOCATION AND HAVE MADE A TRAIL UP A STEEP BANK TO LOOK BEHIND A BIG FIR - MY BOX ISN'T THERE. Box #2 is behind the tree closest to you under plenty of debris and a mossy log, and you don't have to climb up a steep bank to get it. You are now at 2.2 miles.

Box #3: Go back to the pavement and continue on. Exit the pavement into the canyon where you might expect to find a lot of rabbits. Beings as there is no apostrophe, you probably won’t find any rabbits, but let’s not get nit-picky here. Fun fact: there was no sign marking this trail today, although there will likely be a nice one in the future. All I found today was a warning not to “stub” my toe. If you are on the correct trail you will quickly come to a Y; take the right fork and watch on your left for 4 trees growing out of a single base; these are positioned just before a horse-shoe turn to the right. Make your way up the hillside on foot until you are behind the 4 trees. When you are behind the trees and looking back down at the trail, the box will be found at the base of one of the trees. You are now at 3.3, and I’m afraid the fun is basically over unless you are on horseback.

Box #4: Head back to the Y and continue up, up, up (no I’m not stuttering) the canyon trail. Pass Brooke Creek, Jackstrawed Terry, and Widowmaker Way on your way back to the day-use area. Not that anyone would be fool enough to go on a trail called “widowmaker” when given the choice... Now at this point I hope you have read ahead a little bit, because box #4 is on the canyon trail between the intersections of Brooke Creek and Jackstrawed Terry, and if you missed it you will have to go back. Please don’t use any swear words (if you haven’t already). Watch for a sawed-off stump on your left that has lots of ferns around it and an eerie sort of bare-floor forest area behind it. This little forest area has no vegetation on its floor, and it doesn’t look like there is going to be any; the floor is just layer upon layer of needles from the branches overhead. Box #4 is behind this stump under a piece of its bark. You are now at 4.4 miles and should be able to follow the signs on up the hill back to the parking area.