Curious George: Parade of Books Box 4  LbNA # 33567 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 30 2007
Location???, WI
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 13 2009
Hike Distance?

Curious George: Parade of Books Letterbox Series Box 4


This box is a part of the Parade of Books Letterbox Series. The clues lead from box to box. You should check the first box in the series, Lord of the Flies, for general trail information.

Curious George loves a good book just as much as the next monkey. Just how much does he like books? Enough to get a library card, thatís for sure. Find out what kind of books George is curious about in Curious George Visits the Library.

Ink needed: Black

From PoB #3 (The Great Gatsby): Continue west past the ďstop aheadĒ sign. Try not to weep as you pass the mile marker and pass a bunch of trees. Are those birch? This area is quite a suburb, and on your left youíll see a place to get some walls done. (Yikes. Itís hot, and Iím feeling tired and lazy. Next time Iíll ride my bike. I should have parked my car here at the intersection of Poplar and Brighton.) Continue on the path appreciating the swampy natural features to the right. Bridge ahead! This will require extreme stealth, as George is hanging out right on the bridge. Perhaps have a chat on your cell phone as you mosey over to the very start of the bridge on the right side. Look down behind the railing and see a suspicious pile of rocks. Please be sure to place rocks all around the letterbox, because if the rain washes this one away itís a goner.