Path to Enlightenment  LbNA # 33572

Placed DateJul 17 2007
LocationElkridge, MD
Planted By4guysandagirl    
Found By SpeedyReedys
Last Found May 26 2013
Hike Distance?

This is an easy loop trail that even little kids will enjoy. The entire hunt should take less than an hour. Be sure to bring your own ink.

DIRECTIONS to Rockburn Branch Park:

These boxes are located in Howard County’s Rockburn Branch Park – East Area. From the intersection of US Route 1 and Montgomery Road in Elkridge, proceed WEST on Montgomery Road. Turn RIGHT onto Landing Road. Drive about ¾ mile and the park entrance is on your LEFT. Follow the park road to the very end and park on the left. You will some picnic tables and an obvious trail head to their right. This is where you’ll begin you “Path to Enlightenment”.


BOX #1: Head out on the trail and at the “T” go left. Keep going until you see a short cut-out on the left that overlooks a small creek. From this spot, count 68 PACES and stop. You will have a triple-trunked beech tree on your left and a rough pile of felled trees and logs on your right. Follow the logs/trees to their far end. Find a tree that used to be a double-trunker. Look for BOX #1 in the broken part of the tree under some bark and sticks.

BOX #2: Back on the trail, cross over a bridge and stay to the right. Stop at a fallen tree root ball on your LEFT. Look to the RIGHT and spy a pointy broken tree. Go to the backside of this tree and find BOX #2 hidden there.

BOX #3: Return to the trail and continue your hike. Look for a large tree with a cable around it on your LEFT (you can’t miss it). From this tree, walk 40 PACES to a small tree stump on the RIGHT side of the trail and stop. Follow this fallen tree away from the trail to where it meets the much larger fallen tree. Just to the right of where they meet, look under the big tree for BOX #3 hiding under a log.

BOX #4: Back to the trail – you’re almost finished!! Just ahead, you will come to an intersection with a post with arrows. Looking at the post, go right. Keep walking until you see a small trail on the LEFT that leads to a baseball field. Stop at this intersection. On the main trail, count 36 PACES until you reach a medium-sized tulip poplar tree on the LEFT. (It’s closest to the trail.) This tree has a hollow backside. Find BOX #4 hidden here under some sticks.

WAY TO GO!! You found all four! Just ahead, take the trail that turns right. This will lead you back to the beginning and your car. We hope you had fun.