Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Grin and Baby/Mommy Bear It  LbNA # 33576

Placed DateJul 28 2007
LocationWarren, PA
Found By Crayola Posse
Last Found Nov 9 2015
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Last EditedNov 9 2015

Grin and Baby/Mommy Bear It

This letterbox is in Oakland Cemetery, in Warren, PA. My mother is buried in this beautiful cemetery on a hill. One day several years ago, we were walking in this cemetery. We found a "Potter's Field" in the woods in the back for people a long time ago that could not afford to be buried or who were not thought of as "acceptable" enough to be buried within the regular cemetery. After we had read some of the inscriptions on the old tombstones, we were walking back to the main cemetery. Suddenly, we heard movement in the woods and saw two bear cubs running between us and the path out. They quickly ran up a tree. Immediately behind them was their mother! She ran past them. My husband said quietly, "Walk normally out of the woods but don't run, NOW!" We did but I could not resist turning around to see if momma bear was coming after us! She wasn't, thank goodness, and we made it safely to the open cemetery. The next day there was reported another sighting of bears in town from that same day.

Baby Bear: To get to the Oakland Cemetery, go to the intersection of Rt. 6 and Mohawk Ave. Turn W going up the hill, away from town. Immediately turn left into the cemetery. Continue going up the hill and take the right fork. You will find yourself going past the Camperdown award winning Elm tree with a marker on the left. At the end of this road, turn right (left goes out) and proceed uphill. You will come to a fork by a stone building. Take the left fork and then immediately turn on another left fork that is gravel. Again, go left on the grass road and park by Hirtzel's tombstone. Continue on foot N about 72 steps. You will be standing by Waters' monument which is a statue pointing toward the sky. At 70* go 25 steps. Walk around that two trunked tree by Lottie's infant's tombstone. In the split of the tree you will find the letterbox under a large rock. The baby bear cubs' stamp is here, close to where my mother is buried. I think she would have really enjoyed letterboxing.

Mommy Bear: Stand between the tree that had Baby Bear in it and Lottie's infant's tombstone, facing out. At 275 degrees on your compass take 21 large steps. You should be at the Scofield Family Monument. Set your compass at 235 degrees and take 15 large steps to a very large mounded cedar tree. There is an opening to the inside of the tree. Go inside to the center trunk. Look to your left at 2 limbs growing out of the trunk and then into the ground and up in the air. Mommy Bear box is between them, on the ground behind some bark. Rehide carefully.

If you want to go visit the Potter's Field graves, please be on the lookout for bears and do so at your own risk! There have been continued sightings of bears even in town. It is at the top of the cemetery, in the middle, up a labeled path. There are some interesting graves there, but it is sad that these people had to be buried away from everyone else!