The Great Gatsby: Parade of Books Box 3  LbNA # 33591

Placed DateJul 30 2007
Location???, WI
Found By ???
Last Found May 1 2015
Hike Distance?

The Great Gatsby: Parade of Books – Box 3

One of the more enjoyable “assigned readings” I had in my school years was The Great Gatsby. I even loved the movie….. despite the ending. Therefore, I couldn’t resist doing a letterbox based on this great classic written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

To start the search for Gatsby’s love interest in the book, Daisy, you need to begin at the eastern end of the ____________ trail in ?????, WI (see box #1 for the scrambled name of the trail you’re looking for). If you’ve found box #2 (Sherlock Holmes) already, you’re headed in the right direction already and can probably recognize where you are from the directions below and where you still need to go to find “Daisy”.

Walking or biking down the trail from the Fox River Sanctuary parking lot, you will go over an old rail road track, a bridge over a lovely section of the Fox River and another set of rail road tracks. You see a sign that notes this is the true beginning of the trail and that the mile markers also start here.

Proceed down the trail, under the highway overpass and the area where box #2 is located and continue to walk down the nicely paved path. Watch out for those bikers! If your hearing isn’t too good, do note to stay to the right side of the path as the bikers should pass on your left.

Eventually you will come to MacArthur Rd. Please be cautious crossing this road. Once on the other side of the road, you can take a seat at one of the picnic tables to rest a bit or grab a drink of water from the fountain. However, to find where Daisy is patiently waiting for you, you will need to continue down the trail.

After you’ve walked a bit further, you will cross Grandview and continue down the trail so that you pass an electrical shed on your left and a horseshoe pit on your right!

Once you’ve traveled ONE mile, look around a bit – doesn’t it sound good to catch a break in the shade of the large weeping willow just down the trail on the right? When you reach the willow tree, standing on the path - face the tree and walk around the left side of the tree and into the woods so you can get to the north side of the tree. Once you're standing at the north side of the willow's massive trunk, take a heading of 30 degrees and go to the multi-trunk tree just a few paces away. My guess is that Daisy is hiding in the base of that tree. Please stamp up and re-hide well and continue back to the trail.