Nature's Fragrant Roses  LbNA # 33663

Placed DateAug 1 2007
CountyVirginia Beach city
LocationVirginia Beach, VA
Planted ByDog Double Dose    
Found By QOCMike
Last Found Oct 9 2011
Hike Distance?

“Nature’s Fragrant Roses” is located in Red Wing Park at 1398 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.

Park in the first parking lot, which is by the Japanese Gardens. Walk across the street to the sign. Take a sharp right at the sign, staying on the paved path for now. You will be able to see and hear General Booth Blvd. to your right.
Enter the Fragrance Gardens through the trellis. Pass the trio of benches on your left. Veer right onto the more primitive path. Walk the trail, eventually stepping over a tall fallen tree. After stepping over the tree, veer left, General Booth at your back. In a short time, on your right, you will see a tree with three trunks growing out of its base. After ducking under and passing through a group of skinny trees (growing up in the middle of the trail—approximately 60 paces from the three-trunked-tree), look into the woods on your left. You will see a tree coming out of the ground at its roots.
As you are still on the trail, there should be a fork in the path. Take the right path which is narrow. Count the pink blazes on the trees (only count the blazes that are about shoulder height) but do not count the blaze that is at the fork.
Once you count four pink blazes, turn left through the row of small trees. Turn left again immediately along the row of small trees for about three steps. Turn a hard right onto the apparent pathway and walk thirteen steps. This should put you standing at a tree with a broken limb that looks like a trough. Stand with this tree at your right and walk sixteen steps at 330 degrees on a compass. There will be a tree nearby with a hollow space at the bottom. Look there to find the box.
Once you find it, please stamp in the log-in book. Then, it would be greatly appreciated if you would properly close all of the bags and seal the box tightly so that no water can ruin the boxing materials. Please replace the box in the bag and stick the bag up where you found it and create a “shelf of sticks” like it should’ve been on when you found it. Enjoy!