Cache in the Box  LbNA # 33668

Placed DateAug 1 2007
LocationChelsea, AL
Planted ByRedleader    
Found By The Cracked Belle
Last Found Aug 7 2012
Hike Distance?

This is a letterbox hybrid which means it's also listed on for geocachers to find. There are trade items in the box, so if you take something, leave something.

Go to the soccer fields in the Forest Parks Recreational Area. From there follow these directions:

Park and enter the trail that goes in near Mini Me. Walk down the trail until you see a fallen tree/log on your left. You will also see a rusted metal file sticking in the log. Stand on the left side of the trail with your left shoulder facing the file. Look about 45 degrees and you will see a smaller fallen pine tree. If you look further up the hill in that direction, you will see three rocks stacked on top of each other. Go to the stacked rocks. From here you should see two pines trees about 10 ft in front of you. The box is is behind the left tree at its base.

There is a spot reserved on the front page for the first letterbox hunter and geocacher. A FTF (First to Find) is considered bragging rights for many cachers so please leave their spot blank for them.