Harrisonville Windmill  LbNA # 33675

OwnerPond & Roses People    
Placed DateJul 31 2007
LocationHarrisonville, MO
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Hike Distance?

Note-Specific permission for letterboxing has neither been requested nor granted. Please use discretion and rehide well.

This is a purchased stamp, one of the first ones we purchased years ago but never placed, but it is a really beautiful image that we hope you will enjoy.

This is a very short hike on a crushed asphault trail. Wear sturdy shoes, beware of poison ivy (though it is not as bad in this area of the trail) and take some water. You can enjoy a fairly lengthy trail hike here in a beautifully shaded and fairly flat area, if you want to walk some more after finding the letterbox. The park also has fishing areas, golf, paintball, a magnificent swimming pool, great playgrounds, sand volleyball and nice shelter houses with latrines and barbecue grills. It's a great place for kids.

First, you need to get to Harrisonville City Park, Shelter #7/Ferguson Shelter, and park your vehicle. Enter the trail at the trailhead marker pointing WEST.

At the 4-way, go NORTH/RIGHT.

Pass a bench on your right, then another on your left.

Take the RIGHT fork in the road.

Walk about 34 paces. (2 steps=1 pace) On your RIGHT you will see a topped-out Basswood? tree with a hole in it about knee high.

The box is behind the tree in s a woodpile.

Happy letterboxing!