under the radar (sharp top)  LbNA # 33677

Placed DateJul 28 2007
LocationPeaks, VA
Planted Byfuzzy st. clare    
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i have been a trail worker on sharp top mountain for the last ten weeks; so on your way up, take time to admire the beautiful waterbars and stone walls in place there. between the summit of sharp top and buzzard's roost, there is a third major rock outcropping. the trail goes right past, and with a bit of creativity it can be climbed from a variety of approaches. my preferred way is to leave the trail right below the outcrop, where a metal pipe railing accompanies stone steps. a quick clamper on some rocks will bring you to a deep gash in the rock face - climb over it and enter a short tunnel under the boulders. climb through it, and emerge on top of the outcropping. it's very pretty here, and less impacted than the summit. explore around, and enjoy the view. the letterbox is a little ways below the highest point - tucked into a rock underneath a bush of mountain laurel. it is a somewhat unusual format, as well. good luck!