The Tower  LbNA # 33692 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 3 2007
LocationRiverside, IL
Planted BySpace Hiker    
Found By Choi
Last Found Aug 20 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 29 2015

[Found OK 20-Aug-09]

No stamp pad. Any color ink is fine.

The Riverside Water Tower was built in 1871. The Architect was William LeBaron Jenney. Designated as a Historical Water Landmark in 1972 by the American Waterworks Association.

To get to East Ave. you must take First Ave. to Forest Ave. Use Mapquest, it's a very confusing town. Coming down Forest Ave you will run into East Ave on your right. If you you come to a huge 4-way intersection you've gone to far. Once on East Ave park near the blue mail box. Coming out of your car walk on the sidewalk between the blue mail box and red fire hydrent. You'll then come to a somewhat fork in the sidewalk. Stop and look at the tower, that is the image on the stamp. Go left passing some brown benches. Then you'll see a marble plaque coming out of the ground under a tree. Look at it, it should say something about Riverside becoming a national city landmark. Turn around and face the building in front of you to left of the building is a drinking fountain. Walk to the fountain. Look down to the left of the fountain. There should be a sewer. Behind the sewer is a small dirt path against the building. Walk on the path. By now you've noticed there are bushes on your left. Look at the base of the second bush. There you'll find what you're looking for.

Be discreet. During the day many people pass through this park.Duck under the windows sometimes they are open. Rehide the box the same way you found it. Put some leaves on the top of it to cover it more. If you have time check out Come Grumpy, Go Happy and try the Ice-Cream.