Tree Moon  LbNA # 33716

Placed DateJul 30 2007
LocationTulsa, OK
Found By happydays
Last Found Aug 18 2007
Hike Distance?

This box was placed as a thank you to one of my favorite series in Tulsa. Bring your own ink. A few shades of brown and blue recommended. If hunting in the Spring or Summer I would highly recommend using some bug spray. The mosquitoes were atrocious the day I planted this. (1 pace = 2 steps)

I put a little extra care into a hand made logbook and hand carved stamp so you will have to work a little harder for the box – not physically, but mentally. The start of this clue is encrypted using a Key Word Shift Cipher. Here is a common explanation of how to solve the code.

A Key Word Shift Cipher uses, a key word, such as Frank. The key word secretly hides the solution to breaking the cipher text. Each letter of 'Frank' represents a number. It does so by each letter representing the order in which it appears in the alphabet. In the context of this word, 'F' appears second, 'R' fifth, 'A' first and so on. By finding the order in which the letters appear in the alphabet, you find a series of numbers. In this case, 'Frank' becomes 25143. Now that you have the number and the encrypted clue (cipher text) you're able to decode the clue. Do this by placing the number sequence over the code. Subtract the number from the letter by counting letters backwards. For instance if the code is HWBRN you'd go back two letters from H to get F. W goes back five places to find R. B moves back one to A and so on and so forth. Write the numbers out above the code skipping all spaces, but keeping the sequence of the numbers. Tricky, eh? This type of code is referred to as 'polyalphabetic' because the same letter in the cipher text could be several different letters in the plain text, that is, when it is decoded. Being polyalphabetic makes an encryption extremely difficult to crack.

Fill in the blanks for the key word to the cipher: Tulsa was first settled by the _ _ _ _ _ Indian Tribe.


From the sign marking this place head to the left along the trail that runs high between the lowlands.. When you come to the stairs take them to the rickety off camber boardwalk. Watch you step, This wooden structure has a mind of its own. Once across, count off 27 paces to a large and extremely tall stump on the left side of the trail. At 20 degrees from this stump you will see a black colored gnarl of a log. Look 1 pace behind this log. An unassuming guardian is holding it behind his back.

As always be discreet in retrieving and replacing the pouch in its hiding spot. Please rebag everything and make sure the logbook is triple bagged . Please replace the pouch so it is well hidden from the trail but off the ground in case of another wet season like the 2007 summer. Please contact me through LBNA, AQ or at ahistory(at)centurytel(dot)net to let me know how this one is holding up, especially if the box goes missing or is in need of repair or removal. I only visit the area a few times a year so any updates are a welcome sight. Feel free to contact me for a non-ciphered version if you cannot figure out the cipher but be sure to have the answer to the question.