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Placed DateAug 15 2007
Location???, OR
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Grave Creek was named after the grave of Martha Leland Crowley, daughter of a pioneer couple. Martha was buried under an oak tree near the creek in 1846. The trail head is located west of the boat landing.

The first 5 miles of the trail are quite rocky. Most of these rocks are part of the Rogue Formation. They are a result of lava flows and rocks formed by ancient volcanoes which were active about 140 million years ago. High temperatures and pressure have altered and folded these rocks into a nearly vertical position. Signs of this folding can be seen on the steep canyon walls which have been carved by the powerful forces of the Rogue River over a period of nearly a million years.

From the trailhead, follow the trail along the river about .2 miles until you round the first major promontory. On your right you should see a section of rock with a near verical fold that left a triangular opening. The box is behind a few fist size rocks. Please use a stick to ensure there are no critters hiding with the box.

Hand-carved stamp by Jay - Jolly G-Man.