Rocky River Route  LbNA # 33727

OwnerOld Timer    
Placed DateJul 25 2007
LocationChester, NJ
Found ByPsyche's Quest
Last UpdateSep 28 2014

This box is located at Hacklebarney State park in Chester. Directions; Route 206 (south from Rte. 80, north from Rte 287) to Rte 513 west. Left onto State Park Rd., right onto Hacklebarney Rd. Entrance to park is on your left. Follow drive to parking lot. Trail starts at the right side of the nature center (only building there). Have fun!

1. Start at the trail near the building where you’ll see, maps that will help you along your journey.

2. On your left there are some stairs that you must descend. Cross the river at the stairway’s end.

3. Bend to your right, then go straight ahead, follow two markers, both colored red. There is much to see if you take a good look, and the wondrous sound of a babbling brook.

4. You’ll pass a building where you may need to take a seat, and an island where you can grill something to eat.

5. As the trails winds upward, keep a steady head, just follow the markers that are colored red.

6. When you’re no longer climbing, you may pause to think. The fountain you find will not allow you to drink.

7. Make an immediate right and the picnic table you'll see, is that a 72 on it, or a 7Z?

8. Find a fallen trunk behind it, and head to its root. This is where you’ll find your sought-after loot.

***Update - 9/14/2014: When I first planted this box, there was only one fallen tree in the area, but since Hurricane Sandy, there are quite a few. After the fountain, wend your way through the various fallen trees on the right until you find one that is roughly parallel to the trail. This is where the box will be.