Placed DateAug 3 2007
LocationWest Lafayette, IN
Planted ByZombie Commando    
Found By the geezees
Last Found Oct 20 2007
Hike Distance?

Box not currently active, unfortunately.

WARNING! Seekers of this box must acknowledge the high risk of zombie attack!

Going west on US52, turn right on Morehouse Rd.

Make an immediate right onto Kalberer Rd.

Turn right on McClure (Zombie Boulevard), and make an immediate left into the parking lot.

This facility is the home of Purdue Research Park's Lab 8. Don't let the "For Lease" sign fool you. This is Indiana's primary site for the production of Zombie Juice Energy Drinks!

Park, but watch out for zombie watchdogs.

Start on the north side of the building, going west on the sidewalk.

As you pass the building on your right, you will see the Zombie Lake. Pay close attention to the signs near the lake, as mowing or spraying will certainly disturb the zombies.

Continue around the lake, taking a right onto the winding bike path heading south. You must be very careful, as you are in zombie territory. In the likely event of a zombie encounter, you can make your way to the mysterious red box on the edge of the lake. This box contains zombie emergency supplies. (Note, however, that this is not the letterbox you are seeking.)

Zombie encounter or no, continue heading south on the bike path until you hit the street. Ahead of you, you should see a large field, a zombie burial ground. (!!!)

Continue heading south through the field, careful not to disrupt the sleeping zombies. Directly ahead of you, you should see a tall patch of grass surrounding the Zombie Tombstone. This stone commemorates the hordes of juiced zombies destroyed in the callous name of science. At the northwest corner of the ominous rock, you will find our desperate cry for help (box!) located beneath a dark gray stone that is about the size of a zombie head.

We must stop the monster energy drink production!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the soulless hordes of land developers have begun construction over this zombies burial ground, eradicating the box in the process. However, worry not, dear reader! A new zombie box will be planted soon, and in the mean time, sleep warm at night knowing that the construction crews will now forever be haunted by the restless undead, due to their lack of respect for such a hallowed site.