Salamander Canyon  LbNA # 33760 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 3 2007
LocationPhil Campbell, AL
Planted Bythe ruBr stampers    
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This letterbox is hidden in Dismals Canyon - a private park that is worth the price of admission. There you'll find dismalites (glow worms), waterfalls, caverns, boulders, Native American and Natchez Trace history, a refreshing (albeit muddy) swimming hole, and one very well-hidden salamander:

Follow the path, avoiding the bridge that might break. When you come to the Phantom Falls, choose the path less taken across the creek. Cross a wooden bridge. You aren't in the mood for dancing. Go in between a rock and a hard place. When you come to the fork, go the way the sun sets. When you come to the creek, look for a fork. Follow the blue-and-white arrow. If left is right and right is left, take a left at the fork. Look for the salamander hiding inside the Italian tree (or is it a Lousiana tree?).