OwnerTHE SEEKERS 1108    
Placed DateAug 4 2007
LocationLenoir, NC
Found By Eng1206
Last Found Sep 2 2009
Hike Distance?

Just off HWY 18 at the Golf Course.
Child friendly, Pet friendly, almost all the way is handicapped accessable too.

Roughly 20 acres, this park is most commonly known as the "Walking Park.
One of the most beautiful areas of Caldwell County The park is a half-mile nature loop circling a man-made lake surrounded by an oriental garden which sets the tone of elegance and serenity. Walkers and joggers enjoy a nature sanctuary filled with waterfowl, flora and fauna.


This is the story of Wrong Way Rabbit.......... He always goes the wrong way, no matter how many times he's been down a certain path or how many times he stops to ask for directions. He always reverses the numbers or mistakes his left for his right. He can often be seen sitting beside the trail, scratching his head, trying to figure out just where he is and how he got there.

Wrong Way Rabbit has a new hobby. He is now a LETTERBOXER. He is VERY excited about this new hobby. He hasn't actually FOUND anything yet, but he has been having a lot of fun trying !! He loves to hop along the trails and see all that he can see.

Today he's hidden his first letterbox for us to find !! He has taken a lot of time counting hops, looking at his compass and deciding on the absolutely perfect place to plant it.
The clues are below..... and please be very careful and remember to think like Wrong Way, or we'll see you on the trail, scratching your head and wondering where you are !!!!!

Your starting point is the park bench at the far end of the park, behind the restrooms. Sit on the bench and look straight ahead. You'll clearly see which way to go !!!
NOW.... Wrong Way Rabbit's DIRECTIONS follow:

Pass the fire hydrant on the right, a park bench on the left. Take 48 wrong way hops from this bench to the next one. Cross a red bridge and turn left just past the 2nd lamppost... do not stop to go fishing !!!....Take 14 wrong way hops up this trail... there will be 4 ways to go..... Wrong Way says take that sharpest right turn......Pass the Broyhill monument on the right... continue on 81 Wrong Way Hops to the end of the trail..... sit a few minutes on the bench and look around. This is a lovely place... please take time to appreciate it !! When your rest is over head north ..... Just passed the wood wall turn to your right and go through an opening between 2 trees. Have a seat on the rock facing the water. Look to your left.. count 4 pine trees.... Face the rock wall.... Wrong Way Rabbit's letterbox is hidden in front of you, under the lowest branches of that tree.... covered with leaves and sticks.

Hope you've enjoyed WRONG WAY RABBIT'S adventure...... and you're not left by the trail.... scratching your head, wondering where you are !!!!

Please be kind ... when you have to leave the paved trails... don't step on the flowers !!!

Be sure to e mail.... so WRONG WAY RABBIT will know that you found his letterbox... he'll be so excited !!!!