Seneca BOXES Two  LbNA # 33773

Placed DateJul 4 2007
LocationGreat Falls, VA
Found By FOAM-FrogsOnAMission
Last Found Apr 29 2012
Hike Distance?

Follow the clues to the Seneca Boxes and park by the roadside. Walk down the paved road to the yellow barrier and take the trail on the right into the woods. At the first intersection, turn left and walk to where the service road comes in on the left. There is a "Y" intersection to your right. Go to the "Y" and take the trail that bears east at 70º. This trail can be very faint at times. Follow it through some ferns, down into a gully (look across the gully and find the tree that is draped with grape vines). and more ferns and past a dead, peeled beech tree leaning on another tree that is festooned with grape vines. Go up and out of the gully and at the top, by 2 rotting logs, take a bearing of 130º and walk to a large beech with widely splayed roots. TNR lurks here.
Return to the "Y".

Lucifer's Mouse was a hitchhiker that traveled through many states, including Texas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Illinois. When its logbook was full, it was returned to me. I decided to retire the log and stamp and recycle the name and topic.
At the "Y", take the trail that bears 164º. When you come to a broad trail, turn to 225º. Pass a trail on the right and come to a tree with its elbow sticking out. Turn left here at the double orange blaze. Pass 2 more double orange blazes and, 30 steps past the second, take a bearing of 171º and walk 9 paces to a beech. Lucifer's Mouse, Too, is hidden in the roots.
Return to the elbow tree and either turn left and follow the clues to The New King, or turn right and then immediately left and enjoy a very short walk back to the yellow barrier and your car.