Our First Kiss  LbNA # 33774 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerFour Stars    
Placed DateAug 4 2007
LocationOcala, FL
Found By oldhounder & Siamese
Last Found Apr 5 2008
Hike Distance?

Robert F Ritterhoff Park is where you want to go. The park is off 17th street.
This is the park my Mr. Romance took me to after our first date. He was very nervous I must say! Our kids say "awwww gross" about this box. Anyhow, park in the lot- notice all the sand?? After we walked the park Mr Romance asked me to knock my shoes together to get the sand off- I think that is when I fell in love! hehe Okay enough reminiscing back to the box...
Make your way near the playground- it should be on your left to your right find the "progress energy" tree. Stop at tree and face the pond. You are 12 o'clock locate the "2 o'clock bench" Go to the bench and have a seat.. many years ago this was the spot of our first kiss... from the bench find the "tree of three" and go to it. Put you back to the "tree" closest to the road. Walk 20 steps (watch out for the pole) Your trek should bring you close to a palm. Around the back side about half way up the trunk your prize awaits under some moss (S.P.O.M)
If you are the first finder please take the red bracelet. On it is our advice to all married couples...
always ----- one another!!
(if you aren't the first finder and want to know our advice just email us!)
Thanks for humoring me down memory lane!