Eagle Point Park - Dubuque  LbNA # 33784

OwnerHart x6      
Placed DateAug 4 2007
LocationDubuque, IA
Found By Happy Spiders
Last Found Aug 31 2014
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Eagle Point Park is open from May - October (I think it is open to foot traffic during the off season) and there are no pets allowed.

The Swartout Reunion -- Eagle Point Park. The Swartout family has been meeting the first weekend of August in this spectacular park in Dubuque since 1978. Until recent years when the elder generation got to be to frail for this park of hills and steps on top of a bluff.

About 7 years ago we started meeting in Davenport and over the course of the past 3 years we've lost all but a couple of the elder generation and just a year and a half ago we lost my wife's grandfather; Raymond Lee Swartout (5 days after our twins were born).

With the loss of nearly the entire generation we once again made the drive to Dubuque. The rain fell, but not hard and the temps staid in the upper 60's, who would have thought we should have brought a jacket in August.

When I told my wife I wanted to plant a box (or two or three) up in Dubuque she immediately told me of memories of years gone by. Two of the prominate memories were of one particular year when a car driven by Raymond Lee "Grandad"Swartout stopped to pick up a bucket of chicken at the KFC (after all no family reunion is complete without a bucket of chicken) and then got lost on all the one way streets in Dubuque.

Times have changed and now highway 61 goes right through the city, but way back when there were nothing but one way streets and no easy way to get around. Grandad, a silent, laid back easy going type lost his cool in the mess of streets (a total contradiction of who this wonderful man was).

So, as requested by my love I carved up a couple of One Way street signs and the international symbol of KFC.

On we go;

Start by driving to Eagle Point Park, there is a nominal $1 fee per vehicle to get into the park. Keep driving up the bluff until you see a red building with a white door on it, this is a maintenance building. Please stop here and park. The first finders of this series mentioned that the white door was open when they went looking throwing them off a little, just an FYI.

Go now to that white door you passed and take a heading of 70 degrees, walk until you come to a pointed stump on the edge of the woods. Follow the fallen tree where it "Y's" and the One Way stamps (yes, two stamps . . . I should've made a double sided stamp) are deep in the "Y" covered with leaves. Please fill back in with leaves when done.

Now keep walking along the edge of the woods (to your left as you are facing the pointed stump before entering for the box), when the edge of the woods turns to your right keep walking straight until you come to a chain link fence with a view -- take your time and enjoy this wonderful view of America's River.

Now walk along the fence to your right, you should see a sign up on the edge of the parking lot saying, "Shiras Memorial" this is where our reunion was held.

Keep walking along the fence, past the pavillion until the side walk ends. Turn right, you will see a path leading into the woods, go on and follow this path.

Watch your footing as parts of this path are slightly steep with loose rocks. Follow the fence, you will see where it looks like something borrowed underneath soon after you will see a tree leaning against the fence with a fallen, rotting, red colored tree at the base. "Eagle Point Park" is underneath some chunks of tree material near where the roots used to be. PLEASE RECOVER THIS ONE WELL.

Now, you must be hungry for lunch . . . how about some chicken? Do you like to work for your food? I don't.

However, there will be a little work invovled with this stamp. Keep walking the fence line in the direction you were going when you first entered the woods. You will come to a clearing, once in the clearing keep along the tree line to your right.

You will come to a wide path, perhaps for park employees to drive down. At the entrance to this wide path to your right is a large tree with a vine wraped around and hanging from it. Count 14 steps, and keep your eyes peeled to the right. You will come to two medium sized trees with a view between them of a fallen tree with 3 holes in it.

Now for the work. The lunch you are craveing is jammed into the very end of this fallen peice of wooden matter. Yes, I said at the very tip end. Good Luck and please be careful!!

To get back to your car you can keep walking down this wide path and go to your left that circles around to your car.

P.S. I had an order in for some PZ Kut and didn't think it would arrive in time for this trip. So I carved up a pink eraser of the same image, but I had to work it on both sides . . . so a double sided stamp. My PZ Kut came in yesterday and I staid up until 1 am carving up "Eagle Point Park."

Not to let the other "Eagle Point Park" double sided stamp go to waste, I will, eventually, plant it up at Eagle Point Park in Clinton, Iowa.