Angelfire  LbNA # 33785

Placed DateAug 3 2007
LocationAngelfire, NM
Found By Hi Desert
Last Found Jun 26 2011
Hike Distance?

U.S. Highway 64 runs through the beautiful Moreno Valley in Northern New Mexico. The valley includes the town of Eagle Nest and Eagle Nest Lake and the town of Angelfire.

From Eagle Nest, take 64 south through the valley. After about 11 miles, you will pass the junction of 64 and 434 (which goes to Angelfire). From this junction, continue on 64 about 1.4 miles, and as the highway curves sharply to the right, look for the entrance to the Elliott Barker Trail on the left. Park and enter the trail.

Walk straight ahead on this trail. After a couple minutes, you will pass through a pole fence. Another trail will branch off to the right, but keep straight. After you pass through the fence, you will begin to see the bank of a pond up ahead through a gap in the trees. Continue on the trail to the pond.
(It is about .4 miles from the trailhead to the pond.)

As you pass the pond bank on your left, follow the trail around the pond until you can stand on the uphill side (opposite the trailhead) and look back across the pond to a view of mountains through a gap in the trees. From this point, look for a path continuing around the wooded side of the pond. There is a row of small aspens between the pond and the path. Walk that direction (crossing a slightly muddy area), and look for a lone, tall, rather skinny evergreen tree, which is located just before the row of aspens. The box is on the back side of this tree under a pile of rocks and bark. Beware of ants!

Please contact me to report your experience with this box, as I will not be able to check it very often.
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