'Til There's a Cure -- Colon Cancer  LbNA # 33795

Placed DateAug 5 2007
LocationDanville, IL
Found By Stinkerbell
Last Found Sep 4 2009
Hike Distance?

In 2006, it was estimated 106,680 new cases of colon cancer would be reported.

Donations made to organizations like the American Cancer Society help fund research for detection, treatment and prevention of all forms of cancer. They also provide support services to cancer victims and their families.

This letterbox is planted in honor of all who have been diagnosed with colon cancer, and those who love them.

Finding this box will require a little bushwhacking. Take Route 150 (Henning Road) north from Danville, Illinois to Kennekuk County Park. Follow the road into the Park and until you come to the Hickory Hollow Picnic Area. Drive to the last parking lot. From the southeast side of the parking area, travel south between the 2 nearby picnic spots. When you come to the first tree of 3, look right and see another, larger, tree of 3 in the brush. The Colon Cancer letterbox is hidden in that larger tree grouping.

This is a very public location, so please be as unobtrusive as possible in retrieving and replacing the box. Please use blue ink if possible as that color denotes colon cancer.

For more information about all forms of cancer visit the American Cancer Society web page at http://cancer.org