Grandma's Gifts  LbNA # 33798

OwnerHyperion Hikers    
Placed DateAug 4 2007
LocationCheyenne, WY
Found By White Squirrels
Last Found Nov 22 2008
Hike Distance?

Sept 4th, 2010: Box #2 is reported still alive and well. Box #1 is missing.

*June 18, 2008: exchanged old stamps for carved stamps with a little more detail (same kind of idea). ***Note: There is no stamp pad included in box #2 due to it's size.

We hid these boxes in memory of Grandma Wilma. She was one-of-a-kind, and we miss her greatly. They commemorate two of her many favorite past-times.

You'll start your journey heading East, out of town, on Del Range until it turns into Hwy 30. "Wiederspahn Radomsky Memorial Gardens" will be on your left about 1/2 out on Hwy 30.
Website is: Http://
This is the cemetary that honors Wyoming's service men and women. The gardens are really beautiful.

Turn into the entrance, and find the men of Iwo Jima. Facing them, turn the direction they are facing and take 12 steps. You should be at the resting place for Wilma and Edwin Curtis. Continue in the same direction 16 more steps, then turn right to find the grave of J.E., the first American soldier to die in the "War on Terror" in Afghanistan. On your left you will see three gnarled "sentinels." Walk to them and face toward the setting sun. Heading in that direction, cross the road and walk until you reach a low bush near a white bench. The 1st box is on the South side, directly underneath the bush. This stamp shows one of the great treasures that Wilma left us during her life-time.

From the bush, look South and walk to the "Open Arms." On the plaque find the number "Matthew ___:28." Walk that many paces from the statue, due East, and, "STRIKE," the second box will almost "bowl" you over, in the bush to your right (on the side toward the statue). Congratulations! You can take this box back to the statue to stamp in, since the "encampment" of hedges helps to hide you from view. Since this one is in a red container, please be especially careful to rehide it where it cannot be seen! We don't have a "spare" (ha ha ha!) Thanks!

*Please be descret in finding and rehiding the boxes! And be respectful for the many people who are remembered there. We'd love to hear how the boxes are doing since we live in Ohio:) Thanks!