Panther Creek State Park  LbNA # 33802

Placed DateAug 4 2007
LocationMorristown, TN
Planted ByMama Bear & Teenage    
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Go in Panther Creek State Park Entrance. Go Past the playground and pool on left. Turn left at the scenic overlook (just past the campground on right) and go all the way to the end where you will see a grass area shaped like a heart and Ridge Crest trail at the end. You will have to park and come back. Go down the trail and you will pass a fallen twin tree that has fallen on another tree and is hanging over head over the path. You will pass 3 trees in the path ,on the third tree stay to the right. You will head over some rocks on the path (path is not clear) stay straight. You will pass 3 groups of cactus on the right, at the third group of cactus and just before you get to a hugh tree root in the path look right and you will see a hollow tree stump with a rotted tree next to it. The box is on the back left under some pieces of wood. Don’t forget to cover the box back.