Bellevue Pioneer Cemetery  LbNA # 33848

Placed DateJan 6 2007
LocationBellevue, NE
Planted ByMercury53    
Found By offona3
Last Found Sep 6 2008
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Bellevue Pioneer Cemetery, Entrance: 13th & Lord Blvd, Old Towne Bellevue.

The Cemetery was established 1865 – with earlier gravesites dated in the 1850’s.
The Bellevue Pioneer Cemetery is the second oldest graveyard west of the Missouri. Several early settlers and important people are buried here and among them the last full blooded chief of the Omaha nation, Big Elk (he was also the grandfather of Logan Fontenelle). Many of the gravesites you will see here are from the earliest settlers to the area (taken from:

Enter the cemetery at any point.
Travel towards the hilltop and find Chief Big Elk’s Shrine.
From the grave marker of Chief Big Elk, walk in the direction of the family name of a flower, approximately 30 paces, towards a small stone covered bench. While sitting on the bench, from this vantage point, looking north-east, find the headstone for boy child of Peter, which will give you a direct line of vision to the meeting of roadways, marked with a post painted white. Walk to that location. Facing north at this point you will see a silver barrier. Follow this barrier west to an opening. Walk through this opening, in the direction of north, approximately 25 paces towards a tree divided by three. On the north side you will find what you seek.