Channel Cat Series: Isle of Capri  LbNA # 33864

OwnerHart x6      
Placed DateAug 6 2007
LocationBettendorf, IA
Found By Fuzzy bunny
Last Found Jun 2 2010
Hike Distance?

Driving directions, this box is just off the I-74 bridge to the east you will see the Isle of Capri. With this stamp I am not advocating gambling... It just happens to be a stop on the Channel Cat's route. In fact I encourage you not too gamble at all! I also feel obligated to inform you of a toll free help line if you have a problem with gambling; 1-800-BETS-OFF.

If you are driving from Illinois cross the I-74 bridge over the Mississippi River into Iowa. Take the State Street exit (Exit 4) and turn right. Go three blocks. Turn right on George Thuenen Bridge (17th St). You will come to a "T" in the road turn left. Go under the awning, soon after passing through to your right you will see the sign for the Channel Cat... find a parking spot and go up to the landing.

Channel Cat directions disembark at the Isle of Capri Landing.

You will need to do a little homework, the answers you look for will be somewhere within the clues to the other "Channel Cat Series" boxes. You can figure this out while on the road, so long as you have the clues to all the Channel Cat Series boxes with you, no need to Google anything.


1) In all the Channel Cat Series boxes there is only one with a compass direction in the title, what is the compass direction? _______________________(a)

2) Finish this sentence, "Just a few feet from this box I got ________________(b)"

3) How many stops does the Channel Cat make _____? How many stamps do I offer in the Channel Cat Series (including those currently "unavailable") _____? Add the two answers then multiply by 2 _______ (c)

4) What color ink is recommended for Stamp #2 in the only Channel Cat stop that offers more than 1 stamp by me? __________________(d)

5) Three of the Four "Quarter" stamps and the "Village" stamp are all hidden under ____________(e)


From the Channel Cat landing spot head _______________ (a)

When you come to a "Y" with the choice of up or down go _______________(b)

Count _________________(c) ______________(d) and on the _______________(a) side under ____________(e) you will find what you seek.