monarch  LbNA # 33874 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 1 2007
LocationAnes, IA
Found By J.E.T.
Last Found Sep 20 2009
Hike Distance?

[The box was found 21-Sep-09 with the log book a little damp. Some first aid may be need. -Choi]

Planted by Ken

Clues to Letterbox in McFarland Park, Ames, Iowa

1. Coming from the north or south, take U.S. 35. Coming from the east or west, take Rte 30 to U.S. 35. Go north until you come to the Ames' 13th St. exit (for those turning north on 35 from Rte. 30, 13th St. is the next exit) and go west on 13th St. to Dayton Av. which will be the first cross-road. Turn north (right) and go until Dayton Av. ends (T-junction) at 180th St. Turn rt. and in a relatively short distance, you will see a gravel parking lot on your left. Keep going until you see a building, the Story County Conservation Center, on your left. Turn in the drive just west of the center and park in the north (paved) lot.
a. If you wish, go to the Conservation Center and, if it is open, you will find a pamphlet entitled ”McFarland Park and Conservation Center” in a rack on your left just inside the door. You can also go on into the center and look at some of the exhibits.
2. Walk to the east side of the lot and take the Touch-a-life Trail on the north side of the Butterfly Garden. Follow the sidewalk that goes northwest on the west side of McFarland Lake. As you come close to the northwest end of the lake, you will see a sign identifying the George H. Clark, Sr. Trail.
3. Follow the trail until you until it ends at a T-junction. Take the “right” way that is identified by nature’s formation of a large cross (“X”). Take this path toward a bridge. Cross the bridge and note another large X in the streambed. Bear left at the end of the bridge. The path can be identified by a twin tree trunk.
4. Bear right at the point where the trail branches into two trails forming a Y. Walk until you see a large “tired” timber. The letterbox will be found under the timber at the base of the bisector of a small tree bent to form a vertically-otiented arc.
5. Please return the box hidden as you found it.
If you picked up a map (see above) you could take the more adventurous trail, on the east side of the lake, back to the center and parking lot. ENJOY