Green Box  LbNA # 33899

OwnerThe Three Detectives    
Placed DateAug 6 2007
LocationSpringfield, VA
Found By DC Stones
Last Found Oct 17 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 10 2015

This box is in a neighborhood park close to where I live. This park also has another box called Poor Pup. To find the park, you need to travel south on Rolling Road. About a mile south of Franconia-Springfield Parkway you will pass a McDonalds and the Saratoga shopping center. Another half mile or so further south is Northumberland Road. Turn right/west on Northumberland and while traveling on Northumberland, look for the sports field on the left. The paved path into the woods is just downhill of the playing field. This is where you start your quest.

Follow the path into the woods, crossing two bridges and always choosing the path that leads you downhill, towards the stream at the end. At the end of the trail, make a left and follow the path almost to the very end. You will pass under a bridge and soon the trail end will come into sight. On the right side of the trail, you will see two large (5 foot tall) piles of mulch. Stop on the trail next to the mulch piles and enter the woods on the other side of the trail at a heading of 90 degrees. The box is located in the center of a four-trunked tree. If you missed the mulch piles or forgot your compass, proceed to the end of the trail and from the wooden post that reads "Cross County" walk 22 paces (1 pace = 2 footfalls) back down the trail. The four trunked tree is about 12 paces into the woods on the right.

Please be sure to re-hide it very carefully. This is my first letterbox that I placed and is my first stamp I carved when I was 4 yrs old and I hope it stays hidden for a long, long time. --- Detective #2